Where to Work in Kansas City: We Reccomend 12 Awersome Coworking Spaces

Where to Work in Kansas City: We Reccomend 12 Awersome Coworking Spaces

A coworking space is an office space where independent freelancers, contractors, startups, and other individuals can rent work space. Coworking spaces can offer a more enjoyable alternative to working in a home office with the community they offer and are significantly less expensive than renting an entire office space and everything that goes along with it.

Watch the video where it is explored why the demand for coworking spaces is surging around the world, with even corporates now getting into the game.

If you live in or around Kansas City and are looking for the best coworking space to help you grow your business, make new connections, and better enjoy what you do, keep reading! We’ve put together a list of 12 of the best coworking spaces in Kansas City!

Benefits of Working in a Coworking Center

There are a number of benefits associated with working in a coworking space:

  • One of the biggest benefits is the cost. A coworking space is significantly less expensive than renting out an entire office space. You can pay for only the space you need, and you don’t need to worry about other expenses such as purchasing furniture or paying a cleaning company.
  • Many entrepreneurs make connections and network with the other entrepreneurs in their coworking space. This can lead to new customers and clients and profitable partnerships. Most coworking spaces offer 24/7 access, so you can enter whenever you need and when you feel you’ll be most productive.
  • Coworking centers also offer a community feel. You’ll be working around other individuals, so you can make new friends and have new people to talk to rather than working at home all by yourself. When you take a break or have your lunch, there will be other people available to socialize with. Plus, many coworking spaces offer coffee, so you won’t need to run out to get your morning cup of joe or afternoon pick-me-up. There may also be other special events such as happy hours or social events.
  • Coworking spaces offer conference rooms that will offer you a more professional space to meet with clients. Based on your membership, you’ll likely be assigned a set number of hours each month to use the conference room.

The video discusses not only pros as well as cons of office spaces.

The 12 Best Coworking Spaces in Kansas City

Here is our list of our best collegues in KC.

  1. WeWork – Lightwell Workspace →
  2. Novel Coworking Kessler Building →
  3. Regus – Downtown – The Cosby Building →
  4. Serendipity Labs – Overland Park →
  5. iWerx →
  6. SquareWork →
  7. Eastbrook Collaborative →
  8. Cowork Waldo →
  9. Ship Studio →
  10. Plexpod Westport Commons →
  11. Plexpod River Market →
  12. Plexpod Crossroads →

Each of these coworking centers has its own special advantages. Read on to learn more about these wonderful places.

1) WeWork – Lightwell Workspace

Address: 1100 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64105

Working Hours: 24/7 access


  • Floating desk: $320/month
  • 2-person suite: $980/month
  • 9-person suite: $3,820/month

WeWork – Lightwell Workspace

The Lightwell WeWork workspace is located in downtown Kansas City, making it a good option for individuals looking to be in the heart of the city. The layout of the workspace encourages collaboration about workers and can help individuals make new connections and find new talent to help them with their project. This workspace features a modern design that will be attractive and send a positive message to any clients you bring in for meetings.

2) Novel Coworking Kessler Building

Address: 1301 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64106

Working Hours: 24/7 access


  • Dedicated desk: from $329/month
  • Office space: from $399/month
  • Office suite: from $2,999/month

Novel Coworking Kessler Building

The Novel Coworking space is in the Kessler Building is only one block away from the Power and Light District in Kansas City. This location makes the Kessler Building an ideal location for individuals look to work close to shopping and dining. The Kessler Building is an attractive red brick building rich with natural light that was built in 1919.

Novel Coworking offers fiber internet and WiFi, an espresso bar, mail service, and secured access. All of this is included in your monthly rental price, so you won’t need to worry about paying any additional fees. Taxes and utilities are also included with your rent. Both private offices and desks in community areas are available for rent.

3) Regus – Downtown – The Cosby Building

Address: The Cosby, Kansas City, MO 64105

Working Hours: 24/7 access


  • Office space: from $230/month
  • Coworking: from $216/month
  • Virtual offices: from $46/month
  • Meeting rooms: from $35/hour

Regus – Downtown – The Cosby Building

The Regus Downtown in the Cosby building offers 34 private offices, 15 coworking desks, and two meeting rooms. The Cosby building is conveniently located in downtown Kansas City in close proximity to numerous shopping and dining options. As you (or clients) first enter the Cosby building, you’ll be impressed by the beautiful marble floors. Head up to the 9th floor to enjoy a spectacular view of the city’s skyline.

The Regus coworking space also offers a coffee bar and outdoor terrace for relaxing, chatting with coworkers or clients, and networking. The Cosby building is also conveniently located near Union Station and Washing Square Park for flexible transportation options.

4) Serendipity Labs – Overland Park

Address: 5440 West 110th Street, Overland Park, KS 66211

Working Hours: 24/7 access


  • Starting a $399/month for a dedicated desk.

Serendipity Labs – Overland Park

Serendipity Labs in Overland Park is another one of the top coworking spaces to consider in Kansas City. It offers a shared workspace with dedicated desk options to help freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals find the perfect space to work. They also offer virtual office memberships, which will provide you with a professional mailing address to share with clients.

Serendipity Labs’ offices are fully-furnished and ready for working and collaborating. They offer an IT platform that is enterprise grade to help individuals enhance their productivity. Find the perfect space to work each day with one of the drop-in workspaces and flexible seating options. Enjoy easy access to Serendipity Labs from I-435 to make getting to work and back home easy. They also offer free covered parking.

5) iWerx

Address: 1520 Clay Street, North Kansas City, MO 64116

Working Hours: Contact iWerx for more information


  • Private office spaces: from $500 to $1,750/month
  • Desk space: from $190/month


iWerx of North Kansas City is designed to offer individuals and businesses working spaces where they can collaborate with their colleagues and meet with clients. iWerx is also designed to help professional forge new connections and enhance growth and productivity. Membership to iWerx includes use of the conference room (with reservations, based on membership plan), an allowance for black and white printing, free WiFi and utilities, a business address in North Kansas City, and more.

Some of the other benefits of choosing iWerx include the 4,000-square foot pavilion for holding events, a podcasting studio, and special training and community program offerings. Membership plans are paid month-to-month, so there are no worries about getting locked into a plan and changing your mind in the future.

6) SquareWork

Address: 4 East Franklin St, Liberty, MO 64068

Working Hours: 24/7 access


  • Dedicated desk: contact SquareWork for pricing
  • Office space: contact SquareWork for pricing
  • Conference room: contact SquareWork for pricing


The coworking space at SquareWork can help individuals who are self-employed, startups, and other entrepreneurs find the work space they need to grow their business and meet with clients in a professional environment. SquareWork can also help professionals connect with other professionals and build their network. It is a much better alternative for those who are tired of working out of an inadequate space in their home or a local coffee shop.

SquareWork is located in a restored 1850’s building and features exposed brick for added charm. Clients will be impressed walking into the building to meet with you in the SquareWork conference room.

7) Eastbrook Collaborative

Address: 1508 NW Vivion Rd, Kansas City, MO 64118

Working Hours: 24/7 access


  • Open desk: $150/month
  • Designated desk: $250/month
  • Single office: from $400/month
  • Team spaces: contact Eastbro0k Collaborative for pricing

Eastbrook Collaborative

Make new professional connections and find productivity at the Eastbrook Collaborative. This coworking space offers desks, office spaces, and team spaces to help each individual find their ideal work environment. There is also a large open café area where you can choose to work for a change of scenery or invite clients for more intimate meetings. The café and the rest of the Eastbrook Collaborative space offers Google WiFi to keep you connected. There are also several conference rooms and meeting spaces available. These are perfect for meeting with clients in a professional space or scheduling larger team meetings or training events.

8) Cowork Waldo

Address: 7431 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64114

Working Hours

  • 8:00 am to 5:00 PM with Flex Basic plan
  • 24/7 with Flex Plus plan


  • Flex Basic desk plan: from $99/month
  • Flex Plus desk plan: from $149/month
  • Private office: from $425/month
  • Meeting rooms: from $25/hour
  • Virtual Office: from $99/month

Cowork Waldo

Located in Waldo, Kansas City, Cowork Waldo is another great option for individuals looking to find the perfect work space. Cowork Waldo strives to maintain the original purpose of a coworking space: to create a community-focused environment where everything business professionals need for success is provided. This coworking space hosts numerous professions including software developers, layers, designers, executive assistants, and many more; everyone is welcome and find a community and forge connections to help their business grow.

9) Ship Studio

Address: 6347 W 110th St, Overland Park, KS 66211

Working Hours: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm; availability varies by day


  • Open studio: from $40/hour
  • Studio time: from $40/hour

Ship Studio

If you need a studio space but don’t have the resources or needs to create your own, consider Ship Studio. This space is owned by a local clothing brand in Kansas City, Mr. Davis Clothing. Because they don’t have a need to use their studio space all the time, they rent it out to others looking for studio space. The space offers both a photo studio as well as some quiet work areas to help each individual fulfill their needs. They also offer fiber internet. The space is ideal for smaller or medium-sized businesses.

10) Plexpod Westport Commons

Address: 300 E. 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111

Working Hours: 24/7


  • Open desk: from $100
  • Private desk: from $350
  • Private office: from $550

Plexpod Westport Commons

Plexpod Westport Commons is located in a historic Junior High School. 80 acres of parks surround the space to create a calming and relaxing space. Day passes, open desks, private desks, and private offices for individuals up to teams of over 15 people are available for rent. Plexpod Westport Commons offers free internet, mail services, security, conference room time, and more to its customers. Each membership also includes the Plexpod Mobile app which can help members connect with and message one another or book meeting rooms.

11) Plexpod River Market

Address: 512 Delaware St, Kansas City, MO 64105

Working Hours: 24/7 access


  • Open desk: from $100
  • Private desk: from $350
  • Private office: from $550

Plexpod River Market

Plexpod River Market offers individuals access to Downtown Kansas City and the City Market through the Streetcar line that is located nearby. Network and make new connections as you sip freshly brewed coffee in the common areas. Plexpod River Market also offers conference room access, free internet, security, mail services, a kitchen and bar, and more. Day passes, open desks, private desks, and private offices are all available for rent.

12) Plexpod Crossroads

Address: 1712 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

Working Hours: 24/7 access


  • Open desk: from $100
  • Private desk: from $350
  • Private office: from $550

Plexpod Crossroads

Finally, consider Plexpod Crossroad in the Globe building in the Crossroads arts district. This coworking space offers flexible short-term plans that allow individuals to select the best options for their needs without feeling locked into a plan. Choose from everything from a day pass to a large private office for more than 15 people. Several amenities are included with your membership including freshly brewed coffee, mail services, security, free internet, indoor and outdoor event spaces, conference rooms, and more.

Final Thoughts

A coworking space, such as one these 12 Kansas City spaces, can offer a productive work environment for a fraction of the cost of a home office. You’ll be able to network with other professionals and form both business and personal connections. We hope you’ve found our reviews and recommendations helpful. Which aspect of a coworking space is most appealing for you? Which of the 12 coworking spaces we shared do you think would be the best fit for you?