OfficePort is more than just a workspace, it is a networking hub. Get to know your neighbors and make business connections while simply pouring coffee or making copies. Enter an environment that inspires innovation, productivity, sharing of ideas, peer interaction and a sense of community, while accessing state-of-the-art resources and amenities. Get to know what goes on around OfficePort…

Ready to move into your new office? We’re ready for you!

Come find a new home for your small business in our buzzing co-working community, with spaces varying in price and size and priced for small business, starting at $500 per month!  Space shown by appointment only.

Ready to move into your new office? We’re ready for you!

Get creative in the Crossroads

A unique office space located in Kansas City’s Crossroads Art District. OfficePort is a high-energy environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to succeed by collaborating and networking with other like-minded people by providing an environment of productivity, support, and inspiration.

Get creative in the Crossroads

Our ever expanding community houses more than 30 businesses combined ranging from tech related start ups, engineering, sales and marketing, to creative, promotional, production and media.

Get creative in the Crossroads

In other words..

It’s a super cool, collaborative co-working experience that allows for affordable renting for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the like, who are looking to branch out or get out of their house or local coffee shop and improve their productivity.

Office Port KC: A Coworking Space for All

If you’re in the Kansas City area and looking for a new workspace, Office Port KC is the perfect place for you. We are a coworking space for professionals from all backgrounds. When you visit our space, you’ll be able to collaborate and network with a variety of other freelancers. Some of the different types of freelancers you may run across in Office Port K include:

Web Developers

Web developers often have a very flexible job and can work from nearly any location. Office Port KC is ideal for these individuals since they can pull up a chair and get comfortable at one of our many workspaces. Web developers can also benefit from networking with the other professionals working in the space. They may be able to forge new professional connections or even gain a few new clients.


Freelance writing is another very flexible position. All writers need is their laptop and an internet connection. At Office Port KC, you’re likely to meet a lot of freelance writers working on their next big story. These individuals may write everything from blog posts to newspaper articles to webpage content. If you’ve always had an interest in writing and would like to explore becoming a freelance writer, or Upwork are  great places to start. You’ll have the opportunity to write about a variety of different topics and can really develop your style and confidence before branching out on your own.

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Translating text and audio from one language to another is also a growing field. Translators make it possible for individuals who speak different languages to access the same materials as other individuals. Office Port KC offers plenty of workspaces where translators can get comfy with their laptops and headphones (if needed for audio translations). If you speak a second (or third) language and would like to explore translation job opportunities, visit


You may be wondering how educators can work in a coworking space since they aren’t instructing in-person pupils. With the growing popularity of online teaching, however, individuals are able to teach from anywhere. At Office Port KC, you may find educators teaching English to students from other countries online, tutors working one-on-one with a student over Zoom, or college professors monitoring online discussions for an online class.

If you’ve ever considered teaching online, now may also be the perfect time to start. With its increasing popularity, there are many companies looking for enthusiastic teachers, both locally and internationally. If this is something you may be interested in, but you don’t know how to get about getting an online teaching job with no experience, check out this article.

Sales Managers

Office Port KC’s shared workspace is also perfect for sales managers. So much of a sale’s manager’s job is performed online these days. From making schedules for their sales team, ensuring products are shipped in a timely fashion to customers, creating training programs, setting sales goals, and more, a sales manager will find the right spot for optimal productivity at Office Port KC.

Our Office Port KC coworking space is happy to welcome each and every visitor. Stop by soon to see what we’re all about and envision yourself getting comfy and being productive at one of our workstations!

Meet us Online

Unfortunately, the pandemic has made changes in our lives. We are all better off at home, which is why we decided to close down and switch to an online format. Now we will share with you useful tips for freelancers and for setting up your own workplace at home. We really hope that soon we will be able to meet you again in our coworking space!

Take care of yourself!

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