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StagePort Hosts Playboy Casting Call

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Recently StagePort quietly hosted a casting call for the nation’s largest men’s magazine Playboy. Hopefuls from the Show Me State and those neighboring showed up one after another for a chance at becoming a centerfold. Hampton Stevens of The Atlantic’s online edition had this to say:

“The exact location of the KC photo shoot was kept a secret—from me, anyway—until the day before the event. Playboy keeps the casting calls fairly quiet, wanting to avoid a mass of random dudes who lurk, gawk, and ogle. That goes for members of the press as well. Being in the media is no guarantee of access. The same cruel playground mentality that makes people laugh at the tone-deaf contestants in the early rounds of American Idol will make a local TV news reporter think it’s funny to show up at a Playmate casting and ask the girls a bunch of embarrassing questions on camera. Even if you happen to have worked for Playboy—which, in the spirit of full disclosure, this reporter has—you still will have to ask nicely and drop a name or two.

The undisclosed location turned out to be StagePort, a rentable production space for film, video and photography in downtown Kansas City’s Crossroads arts district. On the day of the casting call, it was positively crawling with beautiful women. Like those American Idol auditions, there were a few women at the casting who have perhaps overestimated their charms. Generally, however, most were smoking, ranging from prom queen pretty to nightclub sultry, to eyeball-popping, make-cartoon-steam-come-out-of-your-ears, die-a-little-inside sexy.”

-Hampton Stevens, “Scenes From A ‘Playboy’ Playmate Casting Call”, The Atlantic

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