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Middle of the Map Coming to OfficePort

Society, culture, and technology are moving at a faster pace than ever so it is important to connect, reflect, and dialogue about the currents moving us into the future. Facilitated along side the annual Middle of the Map Fest (100+ bands in Westport, April 5-7), Ink Magazine and The Record Machine are hosting The Forum for just such a task. The Forum will be held at OfficePort, StagePort and Screenland on Thursday and Friday, April 5th and 6th from 8AM-6PM.

Converging in the Crossroads of Kansas City, the Forum is made up of thought and culture leaders exploring, translating and synthesizing participant’s conversations on a spectrum of topics. Keynote speakers will fuel the creative fire and set the tone for the dialogues. The Dialogues will be lead by panels of 3-5 facilitators for each topic.

New work from 22 visual artists will be on display at OfficePort in the group show called “Future Currents” opening to the public on First Friday (April 6, 5pm).

Film/Animation screenings and dialogues with their directors/creators will be held at Screenland while performances and a special photo booth reception(M/E photography) will take place after hours at StagePort.

The 2012 Forum is creating a unique space to refine and direct new and unforeseen ideas, experiences and collaborations.

Should you participate you should definitely register here...